Now with CIP!

No, it’s not a vitamin or a mineral. It’s Cataloging in Publication or CIP data. You know, that giant block of data on the copyright page that tells libraries all kinds of important information about a book. Well, as of today, Endpapers Press has been approved as a CIP publisher.

“So what?” you ask. Well, we can understand that this is not that exciting to the average Joe or Jane. But the truth is that you have to qualify to become a CIP publisher and the way you qualify is by having at least three books that have been “widely purchased” by libraries. And it’s exciting to us to know that our books are getting some love from libraries. After all, we love libraries and so it’s good to know they love our books.

CIP data is more important than you may realize, at least for those in the book business. You can read a little about recent changes here:

If you open up almost any book from a major publisher, especially nonfiction, you will probably find the block. Take a look at it. You’ll actually learn a lot about the book just from that block. And you might have a new appreciation for librarians and Library of Congress and all that they do to make books available in an organized way for us all.

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