A Molly Forrester Mystery (#2)
Sheryl J. Anderson
“Anderson, a TV producer, depicts Molly, Manhattan and terminally cool suspects with a refreshing hilarity. . . .”—Publishers Weekly

“Fashion commentary, urbane asides, and witty characters keep the pages turning.”—Library Journal

They say love is easier the second time around: You’d think solving a mystery would be, too. But Molly Forrester finds both to be less than true in this sassy sequel to her first adventure, Killer Heels.

Molly’s journalism career is stalled. Solving the murder of a colleague in Killer Heels hasn’t led to bigger and better opportunities as quickly as she’d hoped. Instead, she’s still writing her popular advice column for Zeitgeist magazine, now under a new editor. Stalled too is Molly’s relationship with Detective Kyle Edwards. Perhaps meeting over a dead body isn’t the best way to build a romance after all.

When her best friends, Tricia Vincent and Cassady Lynch, suggest a trip to the Hamptons, Molly seizes the chance to get away from her worries for a while. But what starts as an entertaining, champagne-filled weekend of “sipping and sniping” at the ultra-rich explodes into disaster with a dead guest of honor, a blue-blooded family feud, a jealous lover or three, and a murder investigation that stretches back to Manhattan and strains Molly and Kyle almost to the breaking point. And through it all, Molly must contend with an icy female homicide investigator who may be competing with Molly on more than a professional level.

With a penchant for saying the right thing—even if at the wrong time—and the enthusiastic help of her two devoted friends, Molly Forrester tackles another murder with zest and style. But will her sharp wit and droll insight be enough to protect those she cares about most? Sheryl J. Anderson whips up another sexy cocktail that’s equal parts comedy, mystery, and romance. This heady brew takes the sting out of the greatest mystery of all—how to keep love alive in the big city.

“Her delightful series . . . reverberates with wit, style, and superb characterization.”—Mystery Scene
“Reading to my oldest son at night, I often talk about the parts of the physical book. The dust jacket, the headband, and, yes, the endpapers. To me, publishers that care about books go to the extra effort to not just publish a book, but to physically build an attractive and quality book. Endpapers, in part, signify quality.”
—Andrew Zack, Publisher


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